DogCruiser™ - Hard Bottom Car Seat Cover

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No more uncomfortable, wobbly car rides

Our seat cover, crafted with a robust support system for both the seat bottom and back, ensures your canine companion enjoys a snug and stable trip.

The threat of your furry friend being harmed due to slips or tumbles during rough travels and sudden halts is now a thing of the past!

Guard Your Entire Back Seat

Have peace of mind knowing that your back seats will never be dirty again.

Crafted to be extraordinarily durable and completely waterproof, our seat cover shields against scratches, spills, dirt, and unwanted smells, ensuring thorough back seat preservation.

Paramount Safety & Comfort

Ensuring your pet's safety is our top priority. The seat cover's backseat extender comes with fortified sides and a solid base, securing your pet from any mishap or discomfort during sudden braking.

Feel confident as you travel, aware that your beloved pet is ensconced in safety and comfort!

Fits all Cars & Dogs

Designed to adapt through adjustable straps and an extendable fold, our seat cover fits any car, truck, or SUV perfectly, making it universally compatible.

With a weight limit of up to 375lb/170kg, it's ensured that dogs of all sizes can experience a safe and pleasant journey.